At the end of the year, all the students following the MYP at SHAMS will be given the achievement report for the each year assessed. Regarding to the MYP guidelines,  During the five years of the programme, all schools offering the MYP are required to communicate student achievement in each of the subjects to parents at regular intervals. This requirement provides students and their parents with information about the student’s engagement with the objectives of each subject group and should be supported with advice for improvement.

Schools have a responsibility to inform parents of student achievement. This must be done at frequent intervals by providing assessment data based on the assessment criteria.                  At SHAMS, we used a computer system called SHAMS Assessment System to record and process the data of students achievement. This systems was developed by SHAMS Evaluations And Examinations Unit with collaborations by Kuala Terengganu Polytechnics College and can be access via online. By using this systems, parents and students is able to get their achievement report easily. In other hand, the teachers also will be able to generate and print out the report for their record. The students report shows the grade achieves by students and the total achievement level for all criterion assessed for each subject. The systems can be access using the website address “www.”.                By doing this, the parents will be able to know the students current achievement and discusses with the teachers to improve the better result for the next year assessed.

The following Attachment shows the diagram of SHAMS Assessment System used by our school and the example of report card generated for each students.